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Your Choice

Hello all, here is a poem I wrote. I wrote it a while back, but I was never satisfied with it. The first two stanzas were (and are) nice, but then my writing changed and I did not like the following verses as much.
So, reorganized the poem a little, I do not think I changed any words, and in one place I chose one word out of a list of options.
I hope this poem finds its way to whoever has need of it.

Your Choice

My friends let me tell you
Do not rush into things
Like your friends have before you
Take your time in deciding
The results that you want
They will be there forever, If you meant it or not

Be patient and think, you know what to do
Your passions will tell you to rush on through
But do not listen, your heart is capable
Of making the right choice, for passions are ‘makeable’.

Some people will rush, not looking to show,
Hoping to avoid by, claiming they didn’t know
The consequences that come and that they knew
Though rushing they chose, eternally too.

What do you want? Your family’s life,
Filled with joy, and heavenly light?
The gift we are given to choose as we will
Is given to be, and always fulfill
The purpose of God in bringing us home
To be with our family, and never alone
So please make your choice with heaven in mind
Your happiness then, is what you will find.